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Veronica Mars 100 Icon Challenge

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Hello everyone! Welcome to vm_100, a community for Veronica Mars fans who share an obsession for everything about this show.

There are a lot of communities around for challenges to make 100 or 50 icons, and this one is no different, except it is focused on Veronica Mars.


[&] Start by joining the community. You must be a member to post your icons.
[&] Go to the subject claim post, and if what you want to do is not already taken you may claim it in a comment. See the claims post for more info.
[&] If the subject you want is taken, please leave a comment on the waiting list post to be the next in line!
[&] Once your claim has been approved, you have 6 weeks from the date of approval to complete your icons if you chose 100, and 3 weeks if you chose 50.
[&] If you want, you can claim up to two subjects, but you'll still just have 6 weeks to complete both 100 icon projects, or 3 if you're only doing 50 icons.
[&] If you need an extension for personal reasons, your claim can be put on hold for the maximum of two weeks. Please make a comment on the claims list.
[&] After you are approved for a subject, you have two weeks to post your first batch. If you don't meet the deadline, the subject is then reopened for others.
[&] You have 50 themes to choose from. Themes are located here.
[&] When you are finished with your icons, be sure to leave a comment in the Hall of Fame!


[&] Subjects: Anything related to Veronica Mars goes. It can be ships, actors, characters, general, seasons, anything you want!

[&] Time Frame: For this challenge, you are given 6 weeks to complete your 100 icons, and 3 weeks for 50. If the time expires and you aren't done, you can either request an extension (up to 2 weeks), or your claim will be freed up for someone else to use. Please post your first batch within two weeks of your claim so time is not being wasted.

[&] Content: If there is questionable ratings content in your post, please place the icons behind a cut, and post a warning.

[&] Your Icons: Please make new icons for this challenge. Textless icons are fine. Please put some effort into making these icons, do not just put some text on it and label it done. If it is a ship, try to include both people in 80% of your icons. You can have 20% of the icons be one of the two. Blending is allowed, but animation is not.

[&] Posting: When posting icons, adopt the following format like so:

Subject: Logan/Veronica #Of Icons/Total # of icons
Rules: No hotlinking etc.
Teasers: (Please only put 3 outside a cut)

Tag:Veronica Mars

[&] Themes:

Broken Heart Hope Love Betrayal Oops
Trouble Blue Cheerful Disgusted Happiness
Beginning Serenity Contradiction Family Beautiful
Coming Undone Pink Death Intensity Anger
Destiny Light Angelic Friendship Lonliness
Regret Foolishness Queen First Laughter
Tears Green End Amber Night
Golden Anguish Hot Life Right
Mine Dream Run Away Anti-Hero Emotions
Choices Answers Denial Drama Hardship

[&] Useful Info: When you finish your 100 icons head over to the Hall of Fame area and make a comment that you finished. Also on your last batch post please include links from your previous batches in the same post. It is extremely appreciated and easier to keep maintained. Thanks!

Ideas & rules inspired by:
icons100, 100of__, & mosaic100.



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